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Dhaka South City Corporation:
Nagar Bhaban, Fulbaria
Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh
Phone: 880-2-9563504,9563506
Fax: 880-2-9563514
Email: administrator@dhakasouthcity.gov.bd
Website: www.dhakasouthcity.gov.bd


  • Budget Preparation
  • Preparation and Payment of Salaries
  • Examination and Payment of Contractor’s Bill
  • Financial Management
  • Coordination among the Departments for Accounts purpose
  • Payment of Utility Bills

   Key Contact

     Chief Accounts Officer
     1st Floor, Nagar Bhaban
     Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
      Phone: 880-2-956 6709
      Fax: 880-2-956 3514

Chief Executive Officer's Office

  • Executive head of the organization as well as controlling authority of all departmental activities.
MD. Ansar Ali Khan
Joint Secretary
Govt. of the People Republic of Bangladesh
Chief Executive Officer
Dhaka South City Corporation, Dhaka.
Ph: 088-02-9563510 (Office).
      088-02-8333526 (Res.)
Fax: 088-02-9563514.
E-mail: ceo@dhakasouthcity.gov.bd
Web : www.dhakasouthcity.gov.bd



  • Collect solid waste from domestic, business, hospital, street, public toilets and  drains..
  • Provide dustbins and other receptacles for accumulating the waste.
  • DSCC cleaners clean the roads, drains  and sewerage lines.
  • Collection and transportation of  medical waste.
  • Development of  hospital waste landfill
  • Arrange community  meeting  for promoting community base solid waste management
  • Development of sanitary landfill
  • DSCC started community based waste management  activities in  collaboration with  JICA
  • Manage the private solid waste management and NGO based solid waste management
    Key Contact
      Captain S M Javed Iqbal (G) Psc.BN
     Chief Waste Management Officer
     Dhaka South City Corporation
     Level- 2, Nagar Bhaban
     Phone: 880-2-9569682
     E-mail : javed684@gmail.com



  • Construct the Foot   Over   Bridges , Underpasses and Develop Low Lying Areas.
  • Take the Necessary Action for the Proper Lighting of the Public Streets.
  • Take Necessary Steps for the Watering of Public Streets for Comfort and Convenience of public.
  • Plant Trees on Public Streets and Other Public Places.
  • Implement the all Kinds of Development Plans.
  • Construct and Repair of Public Markets and Infrastructures of DSCC.
  • Improve the Traffic Signaling and Related Works.
  • Construct, Maintain and Improve the adequate Drainage system
  • Set Apart Suitable Places for Use by the Public for Bathing, for Washing Cloths
  • Maintain DSCC Park , Shishu Park , Play Ground and Asphalt Plant
    Key Contact
      Md. Zahangir Alam
       Chief Engineer
     Dhaka South City Corproation 
      1st Floor, Nagar Bhaban
      Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
      Phone: 880-2-9567763


  • General Administration
  • Office Administration
  • Office Management.
  • Coordinate With Ward Commissioners, Govt. and other Agencies.
  • Arrange Board Meetings
  • Arrange Various Training Programs. 
  • Issue Office Orders
  • Maintain Record Room.
  • Security of honorable Mayor, CEO & DSCC’s Assets.

  Key Contact

    1st floor, Nagar Bhaban,
     Fullbaria, Dhaka-1000.
Phone: 880-2-9563507
     Fax: 880-2-9563514



  • Maintain and Administrate the Municipal Property and Land 
  • Lease the Lands and Cancellation the Property of DSCC
  • Give Temporary Permission to use of DSCC   Land   for Religious cermony, Worship, Meeting, Fair and Cultural Activities. 
  • Auction the Vehicles and Other unused  Equipments
  • Eviction of illegal occupying of DSCC Property
  • Assist in Development and land Adopting Activities From the              personnel/Organization /Department
  • Adopt Land in Corporation’s Development Activity
  • Collect the Tolls from the Public Toilets and Slaughter Houses
  • Land Purchasing and Buying.
  • Maintain the Hatt of the Kurbani
  Key Contact 
     Md. Jamal Hossain
     Chief Estate Officer   
       Dhaka South City Corporaiton
     2nd Floor, Nagar Bhaban
     Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
     Phone: 880-2-9565986


  • Mosquito control activities
  • EPI(Expanded Program on Immunization) activities through routine immunization program for children & women
  • Disinfection activities during Eid- U-Azha as or when necessary.
  • Clinical service Through hospital, maternity centers and charitable dispensaries.
  • Register all Births and Death within the area of the city.
  • Food and sanitation activities.
  • Laboratory tests of food sample to detect adulteration through Public Health Laboratory..
  • Veterinary activities like supply of healthy animal meat, registration of pet dogs, legal action against illegal meat seller.
  • Control the Stray Animals
    Key Contact
      Chief Health Officer
     1st Floor, Nagar Bhaban, DSCC.
     Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
      Phone: 880-2-9556017
      Fax: 880-2-9559616


Information Technology

The ICT Cell of Dhaka South City Corporation is the youngest department of the Corporation. This department is introduced with the objective of application of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in the planning & day-to-day operational activities of both the Corporations in order to increase the productivity, dynamism & transparency in the functions and as a result providing more quality services to the city dwellers.


* Supporting DSCC on any Information & Communication Technology (ICT Cell) related activities like holding tax automation, birth certificate automation, HRM & Payroll automation etc.

* To take initiative for phase-by-phase Computerization of DSCC businesses

* Systems Analysis, Design, Develop & Implement the Computerized Application Systems

* To help the Corporation in increasing the effective use of ICT Cell

* Requirement assessment and Procurement of H/W, S/W & Accessories for DSCC

* Arranging ICT Cell related Training Programs for the DSCC personals

* To arrange regular maintenance of Computer H/W, S/W and network

* Establishing Geo-database and other databases in order to support planning and decision making process of DSCC.

* Arranging Intranet and Internet accessibility and maintain it

* Authoring, regular updating, maintaining and improving of the DSCC Website

Key Contact

Systems Analyst (in-charge)
Computer Cell

Nagar Bhaban, Fulbaria,
Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh

Internal Audit

  • To examine the personal file of the employees of DSCC.
  • To suggest the authority for any bills of the customers, time scale and promotion of the employees.
  • To examine and evaluate of the revenue income and it's supervision.
  • To give the written the audit report central store and mechanical store of DSCC to the authority.
  • To do the internal audit for the development project of DSCC.
   Key Contact

     Chief Audit Officer
     Mobile: 01712-575629



This department is working for Dhaka South City Corporation of its establishment of right, title and interests with respect to legal aspect of person and property.

It manages to contest the quick legal disposal of suits through its panel Advocates of the corporation in any case in the Court of any level.

This department passes legal opinion for case of any legal difficulties whenever any department of the City Corporation requires so for its internal management and for the settlement of legal question between City Corporation and the mass people or any institution within its jurisdiction for the municipal service and facilities.

Divorce matter and permission for second marriage of Muslims by religion be decided, settled and allowed by the RECONCILIATION COUNCIL, the delegated power and functions of the Honorable Mayor be exercised like manner by the CHAIRMAN of the COUNCIL the ZONAL EXECUTIVE OFFICER, in accordance with the MUSLIM FAMILY LAWS ORDINANCE 1961.
Key Contact

Law Officer
Law Department
3rd Floor, Room # 431,Nagar Bhaban,
Fulbaria.Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.


Public Relation

  • To collect the newspaper cutting of DSCC related news.
  • To submit the press clippings to the Mayor and Concerned Authority.
  • To publish all kinds of notices and advertisements in the Daily newspapers and other media’s on the behalf of DSCC.
  • To develop all kinds of awareness programs for the city dwellers of Dhaka City.

   Key Contact

Chief Public Relation Officer
    Dhaka South City Corporation
    2nd Floor, Nagar Bhaban
    Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
    Phone: 880-2-956 3447
    Fax: 880-2-956 3514



  • Impose Tax  on Building.
  • Issue New Holding Number.
  • Correction of Records in case of Transfer of Property.
  • Issue Trade License for the Business Community of Dhaka.
  • Issue License of Non Motorized Vehicles.
  • Allot Shops of  DSCC Owned Markets
  • Collect Rent from DSCC Owned Market.
  • Collect Amusement Tax  

    Key Contact

       MD. Mostafa Kamal
     Chief Revenue Officer
     Dhaka South City Corporation
     1st Floor, Nagar Bhaban, Fulbaria.Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh. 



Key Contact

      Khan Md. Rezaul Karim
     Dhaka South City Corporation
     1st Floor, Nagar Bhaban
     Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
      Phone: 880-2-956 3507
      Fax: 880-2-956 5979


Slum Development

  • Housing and shelter for the slum and squatter dwellers.
  • Increasing the potable water supply for slum dwellers
  • Improving sanitary conditions at slums
  • Improving drainage systems at slums
  • Providing 3-meter run of footpath for slums
  • Improving street lighting at slums
  • Improving the garbage disposal system at slums
  • Providing pre-primary, grade-1 and 2, and non-formal education to urban slum dwellers
  • Providing adult literacy courses
  • Provision of Micro-Credit for Self-employment and income generation activities, based on their existing skills.

    Key Contact

     Chief Slum Development Officer
     Phone: 880-2-955 0966
     Fax: 880-2-9563514

Social Welfare

  • Management of the Graveyard, Cemetery (Burial Ground) and Soshanghat.
  • Maintain Community Centers.
  • Promote Physical Culture and Encourage Public Games and Sports.
  • Organize Eid Jamaat at National Eidgah at the Ward level.
  • Celebrate the National and Special Days.
  • Establish, Manage and Maintain Welfare Homes, Asylums, Orphanages, Widow Homes and other Institutions for Relief of the Distressed.
  • Organize Rallies, Tournament and Cultural Festivals.
  • Maintaining Body Building Clubs.
  • Maintaining DSCC Libraries.
  • Patronize Pioneer Football League.
  • Execute and Undertake Rescue and Relief activities during Natural Disaster .

  Key Contact

     Social Welfare & Cultural Officer (Acting)    
     Phone: 9567609. PABX: 143.


  • Revenue Collection from Bus Terminals
  • Cleaning the Terminals.
  • Ensure Security & Service to passengers.
  • Issue Oil to Vehicles
  • Issue Transport to officers
  • Distribute Driver’s duty

   Key Contact

     4th  Floor, Nagar Bhaban
     Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
     Phone: 880-2-9565572.

Urban Planning

  • Ward Based GIS Mapping
  • Approval of Multi-storied  (6+ storied)  Building
  • Management of On-Street Car Parking.
  • Road naming and Name Plate Setup.
  • Represent DSCC in National  Exhibition.
  • Site Development Scheme includes Development of Sites or Erect / Re-Erect of a Building or Any Plot of Land covered by master plan.
  • City Beautification.
  • Publish DSCC Yearly Report
    Key Contact


     Chief Town Planner
     11th  Floor, Nagar Bhaban
     Fulbaria, Dhaka-1000
     Phone: 880-2-7110241
     Fax: 880-2-956 3514